Hi, I’m Phillip

I am a Science Fiction author, Comedian, and Lego artist.

My goal here is to write stories which are mind-bending, funny, and accessible. This philosophy extends to how I structure books and series. Even if two books share a universe, you can usually read them in any order.

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  • Comedy

  • Sci-Fi

  • Poetry

Like many authors, I’m not so good at bragging about how indescribably brilliant and handsome I am, so here is a snippit from a review of my debut book WHO BUILT THE HUMANS?


Phillip also infuses the book with an acerbic devastatingly acidic wit compounded with a bone dry sense of humour. The author’s obvious intelligence shines through in both the creative imagination and the beauty of the language […] This is not a by-the-numbers or trope-driven book following some predetermined and predictable formula but rather an exercise in intellectual science-fiction […] I definitely look forward to reading more by Phillip and highly recommend this to any reader wanting more than genre written pulp.

And my free stories here are almost as good as WBTH.

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Science Fiction and Comedy are intertwined in Phillip's short stories, novels, poems, and outbursts.


With his acerbic wit, masterful control over language, and scientific attention to detail, it makes sense that Phillip Carter would be a comedian and a science fiction author at the same time.