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When life feels like death

Short story - GALINA - part 1

WBTH1 is 100% FREE for Christmas.



The Stephanie Glitch, part 5

Finger breaking chess robots.

Are 'dogs' real?


A little bit of Earthloop

A dark sci-fi slam poem about death

The stories are staying free.

Seven stories about ?????? travel

Two poems about Synaesthesia

Faster Than Light

If you could go back in time.

You made this possible

eBook free download issue fixed

Who Built The Humans? (and 3 more books) are FREE this weekend. Links within.

Some Free Fantasy & Science Fiction Stories Where Not Everything Is as It Seems

Who Built The Humans? is FREE this weekend

Short story - Speed Runners

If I made my book free for 4 days, who would download it?

The Stephanie Glitch - Part 4

The winning cover.

Minor spoiler alert: A later excerpt from TSG

I've been designing new book covers

How to wow your readers

The Stephanie Glitch - Part 3

This is not the end

Some discounted Sci-Fi

A polished sci-fi interview, out today!

Another chapter from EARTHLOOP

How to not give up on writing.

How to make Amazon better?

"Indiana Jones, in space"

The Stephanie Glitch, part 2

TSG (old draft) part 1

A new story, told through three poems

Some great news about the EARTHLOOP TRILOGY

I'm on the radio at 7pm tonight

How I sold books at ComicCon

Short story - WHALE - part 3

I'm making four Halfplanet books 100% free for this weekend only (30/31 July)

Short Story - WHALE - Part 2

My new radio show starts tonight.

My interview with Sci-Fi author Sejul Nerve

Short Story - WHALE - Part 1

Those free Sci-Fi books are available now!

Intertemporal - A story from SSATT

Which books do authors need to read?

I bring you a selection of free Sci-Fi stories

The Earthloop Trilogy - S1E1


8 hacks for navigating social media as an independent artist.

Trigger warning. I let my dark sense of humour write this one.

Why should you cancel your New York Times subscription?

What if lasers were attracted to prayer?

Check out my ComicCon ad

I put a new short story on Youtube

11 Minutes of delirious comedy poetry.

The Stephanie Glitch - Chapter two

The Stephanie Glitch - Chapter one

I need your help to make my Patreon better

So I'm a poet now.

Some vaguely sci-fi poems.

Not one, not two, but THREE new books

Live editing my own bad joke.

I did a gig OUTSIDE!!!


So I've been reading about empathy

So "Paisley," how goes the writing thing?

I'm on the radio later! (14th Feb)

An author's opinions on the whole trans Lego thing.

From the stars, a million voices

I think I might start a political party.

New short story, BOOT


The biggest mistake I made in self-publishing

Audio link for the Bowie radio slot.

So I've got a 30-min slot on the radio.

Where is David Bowie's secret autobiography?